Photos of Walnut Trees from
South Central Farm Site
En Route to Huntington

Click here for more info. on the move, and on Farmlab's proposed tree monument.

Caption info.:

Early in the morning of Wednesday, June 20, the final two trees were removed by Farmlab from the site of the former South Central Farm.

The California Black Walnut Trees had previously been tenderly dug up by our colleagues with ValleyCrest Tree Company and placed in enormous wooden planters. On Tuesday the 19th, the trees were then loaded onto flatbed trucks hung with oversized load signs. Following ceremonies and a late-night vigil, the trees were then driven from South L.A. to San Marino early in the morning (to avoid tying-up traffic), arriving around 4a.m. at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, where they are being looked-after.

Farmlab Photos by James Goodnight



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